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About Acquasparta, Italy
Acquasparta is a town and comune in the province of Terni (Umbria, central Italy). It is located on a hill above the Naia Valley and the river of the same name, facing the Monti Martani mountain range. It also sits between two hot springs, the Amerino and the Furipane.
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Fontanile-Abbeveratoio in via dell'Abbeveratoio - Acquasparta (TR)Iveco Stralis AS II E5 450 - F.lli Pasquinelli Srl Acquasparta, ItaliaA teatro con l'iPhoneRocciaAcquasparta e il museo della shoah, presso il rifugio Carrara.King's DaughterLike a StatueFlying DragonAcquaspartaPalazzo Cesi, porticato internopalazzo Cesi, bibliotecaAcquaspartaacquasparta 028acquasparta 025acquasparta 026acquasparta 027acquasparta 024acquasparta 022acquasparta 023Acquasparta 2 (Via degli) - Palazzo Cesi

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