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About Acquasparta, Italy
Acquasparta is a town and comune in the province of Terni (Umbria, central Italy). It is located on a hill above the Naia Valley and the river of the same name, facing the Monti Martani mountain range. It also sits between two hot springs, the Amerino and the Furipane.
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ITA_0638ITA_0634_mITA_0636_mAcquasparta (Umbria, Italy) / Акваспарта (Умбрия, Италия)ITA_0631_mITA_0628_mITA_0617ITA_0615_mITA_0613_mITA_0614ITA_0608ITA_0605_mITA_0610_mITA_0603_mITA_0593_mITA_0592ITA_0588_mITA_0585_mITA_0580_mITA_0579 Follow @HotelSnaps for more hotel photos.
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